Exclusive Aspect of NSF to PDF Converter


Bulk Conversion from NSF to PDF

Software is enriched with Quality Features like user can convert NSF to PDF file in Batch mode with in an eye blink. Software does not impose any constrains to the limitation of mails or mailbox. User can migrate single or multiple NSF mailboxes to PDF file format.


Lotus Notes Converter supports Email Header

Mostly People are more concerned about the email header like To, CC, BCC etc. and attachments like Images or DOC Files as they are the most important part of Emails but with our tool NSF to PDF converter there will be no harm to the Meta data and attachments.


No Restriction to create PDF file

While Export NSF mails to PDF user are free to create unlimited PDF file to store mails this process will let user to differentiate mails in different categories. Using this enormous tool user is allowed to convert single mail in single PDF file with all its Meta.


Folder Structure Preserve after Conversion

After convert NSF to PDF your entire mailbox data structure remains same like it was in Lotus Notes. There is no change to the Folder hierarchy even if mail is kept under so many folders it will not be going to change after Lotus Notes to PDF conversion.


Scan & Preview of Lotus Notes Mails

NSF to PDF Converter provides the service of Scanning and Preview of mails. Scan feature are implemented in the software so as to transfer data Error free and Threat free. After Scanning you can preview your mail's details by check/ uncheck them.


Compatible with Windows and Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes to PDF conversion is an easy task if software is not bother about the version of Windows and Lotus Notes installed on your Computer. This elasticity is provided by our tool which is compatible with Lotus Notes 6.0 to Lotus Notes 9.1 and same with Windows.

Need for an NSF to PDF Converter

There are some strong reasons which make NSF to PDF conversion a necessary task for you. Some of these are as follows:

  • Sometimes, you might need to convert some of the invoices of purchase order from your Lotus Notes database into Adobe Acrobat PDF document format
  • If you are into forensics or legal department, then this conversion will help you carry the email evidences in PDF format easily from any suspect's office computer system where he was using Lotus Notes for messaging.
  • Sometimes, you might have to print some email present within your Lotus Notes mailbox, but because of the absence of any printer on your office email network, you cannot do that. Converting that email from NSF to PDF format will make it easy for you to carry it along in pen drive or any other storage device and print it easily anywhere else.

Qualities of Converter in Queue

  • The software scans all the details of Lotus Notes emails.
  • This tool can convert both single NSF folder as well as multiple mailbox folders.
  • It provides the preview of Lotus Notes folders in same hierarchical order so; you can easily see the email data stored in a particular folder by just clicking on the folder.
  • The Lotus Notes emails converted by this software into word format get saved in one particular folder on your system.
  • This utility program is a complete solution for Lotus Notes conversion as it can convert lotus notes email to word in all the Windows Versions including 2002, 2003, Vista and Windows 7.

Product Guide With Screenshots

View the conversion steps to effectively convert NSF files to PDF format. Software provides this fragment in order to improve accuracy of mail migration.

Step 1

After installation of Demo Version or Purchased Software first screen will comes up like below mentioned.

Step 2

Now load all the mails which you want to look in PDF format by clicking on Browse button.

Step 3

After that a window will be open in which you have to specify the location where your .nsf files are saved. Choose them and click on Open button.

Step 4

Software provides the Facility of Scanning in order to avoid any bugs and threat so that data will be transfer error free.

Step 5

After Clicking on Start Scan button and completion of Scanning procedure a message box will appear that display the message of completion click on OK for continuation.

Step 6

Now a dialog box will appear in which you can Preview the email details by check /uncheck them. Click on Start Conversion button.

Step 7

Afterwards a screen will comes up named as "Browse for Folder" in which give the path where you want to save the file which you get after conversion.

Step 8

Now a dialog box will appear which shows the status report of migration click on "Export Emails to PDF" button.

Step 9

In the end of migration a message box will appear which shows the path of converted output. click on OK to finish

Understand The Conversion Process Via Live Video


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I convert important mails in single PDF file?
Yes Why Not, you can create no. of PDF file as you want. Even you can store single mail in a single PDF file.
What will I do if I face some problem in Conversion?
Our tool i.e. NSF to PDF converter has interface in layman language which can be understand by each individual. Even though if you found any problem regarding conversion than you can directly contact our Experts.
Is it possible to have conversion without Adobe Acrobat Software?
No, Adobe Acrobat and Lotus Notes installation is necessary on the running machine.
Will this software is able to migrate Internet Header to PDF file format?
Yeah sure, software will convert all the Meta data like HTML format, Inline images, Links etc. in to PDF format.
I have 10 GB data in my Lotus Notes account can it possible to convert all those at once?
Yes, Software provides the bulk conversion of data without imposing any limitation to the size of data. You can convert unlimited mails from NSF to PDF format.

Clients View About Our Software

"The really Superb tool I was shocked when I found PDF file after conversion I have seen my entire database same as it was in Lotus Notes. Software has maintained folder Hierarchy no matter mail is kept under a number of folders it remain same as in Lotus Notes."

- Jonathan, San Francisco

"From many days I am just planning to leave the Lotus Notes profile as its maintenance cost a lot, so I found a conversion tool that can convert my important mail in such a format so that they live long without the headache of Email Client. NSF to PDF Converter proves to be a better solution among all."

— James Smith, Argentina

I would like to say thanks to the Systools Firm that always forced People to get flatter. You Guys have done a great job as always. Your Lotus Notes NSF to PDF converter is really a Quality Product.

— Jhon Advert, USA

Thanks Team for this amazing unearthed product that effectively converts my mail database from NSF to PDF format aligned with all Meta properties of Lotus Notes mail.

— Cristina, Portland