Exclusive Aspect of Remove NSF Security Software


Remove NSF File Local Protection

Securase Software allow users to remove local security which prohibits users from accessing NSF file. It also resolves errors "You are not authorized to access that database" or "You are not authorized to perform that operation" with just few clicks.


Preserves Meta Data

Remove NSF Security application preserves email header like To, CC, BCC etc. and attachments like Images or DOC Files while removing local security from database.


User Friendly & Time Savior

Release Local NSF security tool has a user friendly interface that a non-technical person can easily understand. With Just few clicks and within few minutes user can remove local security from Lotus Notes NSF files.


Preserves Folder Structure

Utility safeguard entire mailbox data structure. Folder hierarchy remains same after tool removes Notes NSF secuity.


Support Windows & Lotus Notes versions

Remove NSF Security is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Lotus Notes installed on your Computer.


No File Size Limitation

User can unlock NSF file of any size. Remove Notes file security Tool does not impose any file size limitation.

Why to Use Sofware To Remove NSF Security

There are some strong reasons which makes task to remove NSF local protection a necessary task for you. Some of these are as follows:

  • Remove local security settings from local Lotus Notes NSF database due to which user gets the error message - "You are not authorized to access that database."
  • Support all the Windows operating system versions (98, ME, 2000, 2002/XP, 2003, Vista, and Windows 7/8/10).
  • Saves the orginal content stored in lotus Notes database.
  • Relief NSF security utility allow users to open and read Notes NSF files after removing NSF security.
  • Compatible with all versions of Lotus Notes.
  • Demo version is free to downlaod.

Frequently Asked Questions

Remove NSF Security Software works without installing Lotus Notes ?
No. Lotus Notes should be installed on the system to unlock NSF files. But it should not be connected to Domino Server while using the application.
What will I do if I face some problem while using the application for removing notes file security?
Our tool has user-friendly interface which can be understood by each person. If you face any problem than you can directly contact our Experts and refer to product guide and video to understand the working process.
Will this software is able to migrate Internet Header after removing local security ?
Yes, software preserves the Meta data like HTML format, Inline images, Links etc after removing local secuity using tool.
Tool removes local security if database has access protection enabled ?
Yes, Software unlocks database with few clicks and allow users to access the database content.

Product Guide With Screenshots

Step 1

After installation of trial Version or Purchased Software first screen will be displayed as mentioned below.

Step 2

Click ‘Browse’ button for locating NSF file. Now click on "Open" option to load the selected NSF files.

Step 3

Software display the storage location of selected NSF file as shown below :

Step 4

Click ‘Remove Local Security’ button.

Step 5

User will be asked whether he want to remove Notes NSF local security or not: Choose "Yes" if you want to remove Local Security of Lotus Notes Database, otherwise choose "No". On clicking "Yes"software will display the screen showing successful removal of local NSF security as shown below:

Step 6

Message will be displayed to user "Notes Database Unprotected Successfully "

Watch Video to Understand the Working


Clients View About Our Software Remove NSF Security

This tool is amazing. I protected my Notes NSF file with password. After long time when I tried to access NSF file I forgot the credentials. I was searching about how to unlock nsf security. I used this tool to removed local security in just few minutes."

— Ciya, San Francisco

I tried to access NSF file and got error "Resolve Error "You are not authorized to access that database". I used Remove NSF security software to remove the local access rights and accessed my important emails.

— James , Argentina

I used Securase application to remove lcoal security from Lotus Notes 9 version NSF file.It worked and I accessed all my emails and attachments.

— Jhon Advert, USA

Thanks Team for this unique product that effectively removed local security from notes database file and also safeguard all the Meta properties.

— Alina, Portland