Prominent Aspects of Tool to Convert NSF to PST


Conversion of NSF to PST data with Meta

The application supports complete conversion of NSF file to PST format. All the files such as Emails, Tasks, Calendars, Notes, Contacts, and Journals are migrated from Lotus Notes database to Outlook with Meta data kept unchanged.


Email Conversion Along With Attachments

All the emails present within the NSF files are exported to Outlook along with their respective attachments. The application supports migration of attachments present in any form including image, documents, etc.


Export Emails & Contacts into One PST File

You also have the facility of saving the emails and contacts into a single PST file in order to execute it, you need to provide the names.nsf file path for migrating the contacts of Lotus Notes into a single PST file. Such a conversion process will have all the fields and groups of contacts maintained.


Selective Filtering of Email Messages of Notes

The application extends out the scalability to filter out email messages based on a particular date range. The filtering process will enable the messages that are present within the date ranges to be excluded from the export process while the messages which exceed and precede the date range will be converted


Supports Filtering & Export of Calendars

You can also filter out calendar entries defined on a specific date range. The calendar entries which are present in between the date range will be excluded from conversion while the entries which are present after and before the date range will be exported.


Migration of Data from All Documents

The Lotus Notes to Outlook converter facilitates users in exporting data even from "All documents" folder of lotus Notes. This feature of the software makes it a complete NSF to PST conversion utility.


Convert Recurrent Calendars of Notes

If there are any kind of recurrences created in your calendar on Notes platforms then the application makes it a point to convert all those calendars to Outlook PST file format during migration.


Preserves Internet Header of Emails

While exporting emails from Notes to Outlook platform, the software maintains the internet header of all the email messages unchanged. Thus, you can find that all the technical properties associated with emails remain intact


Conversion of User.nsf or Names.nsf Files

You can use user.nsf (main storage files) or names.nsf (refers to the address book) files of Lotus Notes as a source file and then convert NSF to PST file format conveniently


Sustains the HTML Formatting Of Data

Carries out conversion of data from NSF file format to Outlook PST format while keeping the HTML formatting of messages preserved. At the end of conversion, one can notice that the email messages eventually have no changes in the HTML formatting

Technical Brief

Lotus Notes gained popularity among users for its ability to provide a collaborative platform allowing a large number of business enterprises to send and receive messages and at the same time enjoy the facility of instant messaging. However, situation took a change when Microsoft introduced the concept of Exchange server with Outlook and a large number of organization preferred to migrate to Outlook.

Some of the Reasons for Migrating to Outlook

  • MS-Outlook does not involve any complexities to operate
  • Simple and intuitive interface of Outlook
  • Maintenance cost of Notes is more as compared to Outlook
  • Best tool for emailing and management of personal tasks

User Concerns before Opting For Migration Process

  • Can the entire database of Notes be migrated to Outlook?
  • If the export process fails, will it affect the Notes environment?
  • Will the data get lost if there is interruption in the migration process?
  • What is the time generally required for carrying out the migration process?
  • Does it require any server set-up configuration for performing migration?

To answer all your concerns regarding migration from Notes environment to Outlook, we have a solution known as NSF to PST Converter. It aims to provide users a precise and quick conversion of NSF files to PST format conveniently.

Why Should User Opt for NSF to PST Conversion Application?

  • Preservation of read and unread status of messages during the transfer of emails
  • Maintains the hierarchy of the nested folder and subfolders created in Lotus Notes
  • Displays a status report of the ongoing conversion process as well as final status report
  • Keeps the Email key properties such as Cc, To, From, Bcc, Subject, Sent date & time, etc. intact.
  • Executes Mapping of Notes folder items with the folders of Outlook during NSF to PST conversion
  • Facility to Excluded Deleted Items folder of Lotus Notes while exporting data to Outlook
  • Automatically detects the versions of Outlook & facilitates creation of PST in ANSI/UNICODE
  • Removes Encryption from email messages of Notes while migrating data to PST file format

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to install Domino server for executing the migration?
No, Installation of Domino server is not required. But MS Outlook and IBM Notes must be configured on the conversion machine to accomplish the task of migrating NSF files to PST.
Does the tool support for the conversion of 30GB of data?
Yes, you can perform conversion of 30 GB of data into PST file format. The utility does not impose any restriction on file size.
I have encrypted my NSF email messages with password. Is this tool capable of removing the encryption?
Yes, the tool has an inbuilt decryption technology via which the software removes encryption from messages during conversion of Notes Items to PST file format.
Can I migrate the contacts into a separate PST file?
Yes, you can export the contacts into a separate PST file but you have to enable the option "Migrate Contacts into Separate PST" before carrying out the process of migration.
Will my data get affected during conversion process?
No,Your data will have the same structure and formatting even after getting converted to PST file format.
Clients View About Our Software

To convert NSF files to PST file format, this application has been so far the best utility with the facility to customize migration process according to your own choice. Brilliant working!"

Michael Jonathan, San Jones

The enterprise version of the software had really been convenient for our organization to migrate Notes data directly into Exchange server in a batch process .Thanks for coming up with such an amazing application!".

— Mithrandir Bloom, Argentina

Excellent working! I was in doubt for how to conduct the smooth operation for exporting the data of notes to Outlook platform but this conversion utility has resolved all my concerns.

— Zakhir Rashid, Libya

Selective filtering of email messages had been really convenient for me and I am very happing with the functioning of this tool. Great job!.

— Brian Paul, Portland